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Saturday, September 19, 2015 from noon-4pm
noon-4pm Imagine the freedom of riding your bike, walking, or rolling down the street with family, friends and neighbors. This summer, you can explore two distinct Seattle neighborhoods: Ballard and the Central District via a 3-7 mile route while experiencing neighborhood parks full of fun activities. This FREE event is Seattle Summer Parkways and is happening in Ballard on Saturday September 19, 2015, 11 am – 3 pm. Seattle Summer Parkways will give you the chance to test out new or planned bikeways that link together city parks, community centers, and other community spaces. At parks along the route, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Cascade Bicycle Club and many other organizations will host activities, events, and live music. Get out and explore your city, meet your neighbors and cruise carefree. We’re so proud to be putting on this event side by side with Sustainable Ballard Festival at the Ballard Commons. Please go to to find out more! Interested in planning an event along the route? Contact for support! VOLUNTEER! The Seattle Summer Parkways volunteer portal is live via the Cascade Bicycle Club website’s Summer Parkways page. Seattle Summer Parkways will need over 300 volunteers across these two events to make them successful, you can help by encouraging your friends and colleagues to register to volunteer. Volunteers will receive delicious snacks, water and a cool Summer Parkways t-shirt! Seattle Summer Parkways is also offering stipends to groups, teams, clubs, bands or other aggregates of people that would like to volunteer en masse. Know a team that needs some funds to support their cause? Please have them contact to arrange to volunteer as a group. Facebook Twitter Google StumbleUpon Reddit Pinterest Email