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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6pm through Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 8pm
6pm through Saturday, April 26 at 8pm
The Scenario is a global current events game, in which issues and situations from around the world are applied as if they’re occurring right here in the Northwest. Participants are assigned to teams representing different perspectives and roles, and given the challenge to address concerns of their stakeholder groups in order to resolve the hypothetical scenario. Each team sends a spokesperson to the event’s “press conference,” in which proposed solutions are presented to the broader game audience and a panel of experts who will apply each proposed solution or position to the actual current event. You win points for addressing your stakeholder’s assigned challenges. You win points for collaborating with other teams to reach joint solutions. You win points for having a great time and stepping out of your own perspective to explore different viewpoints. You win points for networking! The April 23rd Scenario: Tedward Bowden, a disgruntled Macrohard cloud services employee, has just released a series of memos to The Globalist and Crosscut.com revealing a top-secret Washington state government program designed to spy on private citizens. Intended to keep illegal shipments of marijuana from crossing state borders into Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, the program, labeled StonerNet, places GPS tracking devices on every vehicle that undergoes emissions tests. Using a statewide vehicle tracking system and lists of heavy marijuana purchasers from state-licensed retail outlets, the documents outline a system in which state law enforcement officials track and spy on moderate to heavy marijuana users. Bowden hacked into Macrohard’s cloud to download the secret documents before escaping to the mountains of British Columbia, where he is holed up in a remote cabin, sending encrypted files to the Crosscut/ Globalist editors. The documents include data about the movement and marijuana purchasing habits of Washington state residents. Stakeholders: Washington State Government Macrohard Crosscut.com & Seattle Globalist Canadian Government Coalition to Protect Citizen Privacy Washington Marijuana Growers Association