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Tuesday, May 6, 2014 from 7-9pm
Crisis in Ukraine What Are the Policy Motivations and Implications Surrounding Russia’s Use of Military Force in Crimea? Not long ago Ukraine was negotiating trade talks with the European Union and the world was watching the Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia. On February 20th, more than 80 civilian Ukrainians were killed and by February 27th Russian troops had seized a number of military locations in Crimea. How did the situation in Ukraine spiral into military force so quickly? What events led to the Russian Parliament’s approval of military invasion in Crimea and upon what justifications? In the present crisis, how should different nations and the international community as a whole respond? Join us on May 6th for the a roundtable discussion on the topic, facilitated by Russian Studies specialist Gregory Shtraks from the UW Jackson School of International Studies. Socratic Seminars aren’t for telling you the answers; rather they provide a discussion space to explore the questions. It is an informal discussion around top issues of the day in true dialectic method. Articles highlighting viewpoints on both sides of an argument are provided as suggested reading, although participants are encouraged to participate even if armed only with their opinions. The Socratic Seminar series does not place parameters on where the discussion may go; rather it provides a starting point and background information to fuel discussion. Socratic Seminars are sponsored by the Row House Café. Attendance is limited 25 participants per Seminar.