Between Piers 69 & 70 @ Seattle Waterfront @ Alaskan Way & Clay Street, Seattle, WA 98121, USA



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Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 11am-noon
Join us on July 12th at the Seattle Waterfront for an energetic public rally/action to say a resounding No to Oil Trains; to commemorate the 47 lives that were vaporized on July 6th, 2013 when an oil train exploded in downtown Lac Megantic, Quebec; and to demand a more sustainable and just future now. We will stand with residents of Lac-Megantic, and with grassroots activists across our region and North America during this National week of action to stop oil by rail. More on the week of action here: Meet us between Piers 69 and 70 (on the corner of Clay St and Alaskan Way) at 11 AM. One block south of the entrance to the Olympic Sculpture Park. We will hear from speakers and youth; listen to a few musical performances; get a chance to connect with other concerned folks; and there will also be an opportunity to show our resolve. Make sure to bring your own reusable water bottle and, if possible, walk, cycle, take public transportation, or carpool to get there. Ever more explosion-prone oil trains are passing through Seattle on their way to refineries in Skagit and Whatcom counties–endangering our communities, land, and waters. Politicians and regulators say that nothing can be done to stop interstate commerce, and that the best we can do is ask for safety measures (to make the tank cars less puncture-prone, and to improve our emergency preparedness for derailments, explosions, and spills). We don’t want slightly safer oil trains and somewhat better information. We want no oil trains endangering Seattle and communities and vulnerable ecosystems all across the country. We will not allow Washington to become a fossil fuel corridor, with oil companies and railroads making huge profits by bringing Bakken crude and Canadian tar sands by rail to our ports and refineries. Lac-Megantic’s struggle is a grim reminder to us all: Big Oil will stop at nothing to extract, transport, and burn every drop of oil in the ground. No matter the risk, no matter the cost to public health, safety, and the climate, the oil industry will jump at every opportunity to profit. We say NO MORE.