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Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from noon-1:30pm
City Council takes up Developer Impact Fees Next Wed Sept 10th at Noon to 1:30 Brown Bag Lunch Forum City Hall, >> 5th and Cherry Council Chambers downtown – it’s time to hold developers accountable >> >> Seven of nine councilmembers will be in attendance we are told and they need to hear from you. Thanx to Councilmember Tom Rasmussen for initiating this effort! >> >> If you believe our City Council hasn’t been doing enough to manage growth and that its destroying both the livability and affordability of our neighborhoods… >> and if you believe it’s time for developers to pay their fair share of the costs of growth and pay for the backlog infrastructure costs created by their projects rather than taxpayers >> >> Then please plan on attending this important forum. A panel discussion with experts from cities that long have made use of impact fee systems will tell councilmembers how they work. We don’t yet know whether you’ll get to comment at the beginning or preferably after panel presentations but you will get to comment so get their early if you can >> >> Either way, we know you share our concerns and that its time for developers to pay their fair share. This is our chance to let councilmembers know our city has been lax and has failed to set up mechanisms to ensure developers not taxpayers foot the bill for the costs of their projects when growth does occur. Over 60 other cities around the region for years have charged developers significant impact fees while Seattle does not. >> >> If you cannot attend, please call or email all Councilmembers and tell them emphatically to adopt developer impact fees NOW and place further controls on growth. We are tired of footing the bill for development that’s destroying the character of our neighborhoods! >> unless they hear from you…it certainly won’t happen….